My love affair with soy milk

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I have a secret love affair with soy milk. Soy milk is very easy to make at home, but it require some work. My grandmother and my mom make it a lot when I was little.  That is probably why I like soy milk so much. Growing up, they both would add a few leaves of pandan into the soy milk. By adding pandan leaves, it gives a slightly different taste to the soy milk. That’s how I like my soy milk, with a little pandan. 

Pandan is staple in our house. We always have pandan in our garden. Pandan is a common ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking. 

Soy milk has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my mom and my grandmother. It brings a lot of sweet memories. Growing up, soy milk was also a special treat. No fries, chips, or hamburger. I will be happy with just soy milk, home-made soy milk.  

My not-so-secret love affair, soy milk. Soy milk reminds me of family.

Red Velvet cupcake

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My husband don’t really like cakes, but he has a thing for red velvet cupcakes. Therefore on his birthday I attempted to make red velvet cupcake, and of course first attempt, FAILED. Good news is, 2nd attempt, SUCCESS! 

There are only 2 of us at home, so the awesome husband took the rest of the cupcakes and give it to his colleagues and they love it. Seeing people enjoy the food I make, that just makes me wanna be in the kitchen more. 

 Recipe here

I altered the recipe a little. 

1 teaspoon almond extract I replace it with 1 teaspoon white vinegar (because I don’t have any almond extract). 

6 small beets, I use 4 medium beets. 

As for frosting, I added a little bit of lemon zest, and not putting any sour cream (no sour cream on hand) and cut down a bit of sugar. The cupcakes are sweet so I don’t want my frosting to be overly sweet as well. I am not fan of food that are too sweet. (I think carrots and broccoli are sweet. So you can tell my “sweet” tolerance. 😛) 

Celebrate life: Greg, my wonderful husband

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Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. You have been a blessing to me, and you are the greatest gift God has bless me with. 

Greg, my husband, he is tender-hearted man. I like that he is a planner, and good at putting structure into place. He is a good worker, and he loves people. 

This year I surprise him with a 5 days birthday celebration.   

  Celebration = food!  Jaram. Operates everyday 6am – 12pm. This is not your ordinary donuts. They make the donuts fresh everyday, and have many options! They even have croissant donuts!   

   Run by an Italian family, I think. They offer the simplicity of flavors and it’s the bomb! Highly recommended pizza place. 
   On my husband actual birthday, I made him a simple red velvet cupcakes and pasta. Unfortunately the cupcake did not turn out good. The cupcake did not rise and it doesn’t taste good. I give myself some brownie points for the effort, and frosting is hard! It is not as easy as I thought. 
Happy birthday, my wonderful husband. I pray that our Lord Jesus will bless you with wisdom. 

Instant noodles

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Honestly, I wasn’t a big fan of instant noodles. I almost never eat instant noodles. To me, instant noodles are not real food. 

Back home, I am spoiled with awesome food at home. My mom and my aunts, they are awesome cooks!  Instant noodles are not my kind of appetite. 

It’s funny how being away from home, simple things like instant noodles just bring you back for a moment. Ingredients to make the food like home, isn’t easy to get and most of the time, it cost more. Instant noodles is the easiest way to bring me back home.

This taught me to appreciate every moment that I have. Not to regret when it’s gone. People that are with you now, they may not be able to be there for you all the time. Show your appreciate and show your love as often as possible.

Book Review: The God I Never Knew

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As a Christian, we have heard of God, the Trinity and we talked mostly about God the Father and God the Son – Jesus, yet, not many knew about God the Holy Spirit.

In this book, “The God I Never Knew” Ps. Robert Morris (the Author, and the senior pastor of my church, Gateway) introduce us – The Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is:

  1. the GOOD gift from God.
  2. is a person, NOT an it.

I would like to share on of my favorite stories from the the book.

A story is told of a poor man in Eastern Europe in the early nineteen hundreds. The man longed to move himself and his family to the United States in hopes of building a better life. After several years of scrimping and saving, he finally accumulated enough money to purchase a third-class ticket on a large steamship to New York City.

He only had enough money for one ticket. So he and his wife decided he would go ahead of his family, find a job, and as quickly as possible save enough money to bring them all to America to join him.

He spent virtually all his savings on the ticket, leaving him very little for purchasing food on board the ship. Plus, he would need what little money he had left in order to get established once he got to the promised land of America. So he bought a wheel of hard cheese and box of crackers to keep him sustained on the twelve-day voyage to the New World.

As his ocean journey began, he carefully rationed his cheese and crackers, making sure he would have enough to carry him through the whole trip. Sometimes during meal times, he would look longingly through the windows of the dining rooms where simple but hearty and abundant meals were being served to other passengers. The food looked wonderful, but he comforted himself in the knowledge that on some future day he would be earning enough money to eat well and feed his family. Then he would slip back to his little stateroom for his ration of cheese.

On the final day of the journey, there was great excitement on board because soon the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island entry point for new immigrants would be in sight. It was a good thing, too, because the man had eaten his final portion of molding cheese and stale crackers at noon the previous day. He was hungry.

The man eventually found himself at the railing of the ship, standing beside one of the ship’s stewards. They conversed a bit about the excitement of the arrival. Then the steward asked a question. “I don’t mean to pry, sir. But I noticed that you didn’t take any of your meals with your fellow passengers in the dining hall. I trust that we didn’t do anything to offend you.”

“Oh my goodness, no,” the man said. “Everyone has been gracious. It’s just that I am saving what little money I have left for my expenses getting established in America. I didn’t want to spend money on food.”

The steward’s expression of confusion became one of shock and dismay when the meaning of the man’s words sank in. “Oh, my dear friend!” the steward said. “did you not know that three meals each day were included in the price of your ticket? We set a place for you every meal, but you never came!”

Of course, the man didn’t know, until it was too late – and the opportunity for blessing and provision on his journey had been forever missed.

A Place Set for Us. 

Every day I encounter Christians who are just like this man. They live without the blessing and provision available to them as born-again children of God on the journey of life. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit as a wonderful gift –  a gift better than having Jesus Himself with us – and the price for His presence in our lives was fully purchased by Jesus on the cross. The Holy Spirit came with all the other amazing blessings of salvation. But some believers never receive and unwrap the gift.

Instead, they live lives of cheese-and-crackers Christianity. They muddle through this world powerless and deprived of the richness of God’s presence, consoling themselves with the knowledge that heaven awaits by and by.

Some look longingly at the power and usefulness in God’s kingdom that others seems to enjoy. Their noses pressed against the window, they see certain believers who obviously hear the voice of God clearly and seem to always be blessing others with timely messages of encouragement and spiritual refreshing. These are the same Christians who consistently seem to make wise choices and avoid pitfalls, almost as if they know in advance what lies around the corner. They pray with a higher dimension of power and effectiveness. Miracles and amazing “coincidences” are a part of these believers’ daily lives.

Those on the outside assume such privileges are for a special class of Christian, not them. But they are wrong. God has set a place for them at the bountiful banquet table of His Holy Spirit. But they never come.

The Holy Spirit is definitely not for “certain people” but for all who asked.

Book review: The Daniel Plan

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One of my goal this year was to change my lifestyle. My husband and I wanted a healthy lifestyle, so this book was perfect for me.

As the person who controls the kitchen, my family health lies in my hand (that, sounded like a big responsibility). “The Daniel Plan” was written by Rick Warren, the author of “Purpose Driven Life”.

In this book, I learned about:

  1. We are what we eat. It is very important to read the label on the food packaging.
  2. How to read food label. We need to know what we put into our mouth.
  3. It was pretty easy to eat healthy, and eating healthy doesn’t mean you stop socialize or cannot eat desert ever.
  4. Daniel plan gives a very practical guideline and even list of food you could store in a pantry.
  5. Lastly, was the recipe. I was a new cook then, don’t know much about cooking (I still don’t 😅), the Daniel plan book comes with some recipe that you could easily make at home, and the ingredient is inexpensive.

Our lifestyle has gotten better since. My husband taste bud changes. Stuff that he didn’t think is “too sweet” it is now “too sweet” for him. Although I needed to cook more, but I think I like it. 😄

Poelman Kitchen: Attempted Satay

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My husband once said, food is like the introduction of a culture. I think I agree with him on that. 

I am a Malaysian. Like most Malaysians, I am proud of our food. I like the diversity, and how our food translates that. 

This week I attempted to make satay at home. Satay is grilled chicken on skewers, but I do not have a grill or skewers, I made a pan seared version of the satay. 

The flavor just brings me home. Especially right now is hari raya season, my Malay friends will be having open house still… Satay is one of the food that they will serve to their guests. My craving for satay probably is because it’s hari raya! 

Next up, will need to prepare Kuah kacang (peanut sauce)… Kuah kacang and satay is like the peanut butter and jelly. 

Celebrate life: Brian

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Brain turned 29. He is one of my husband’s close friends, and he is one of the first few people I met in America.   This is Brian… The picture, kind of tells you who Brian is. He is ALWAYS high in energy, greeting you with a warm big bear hug and a big big smile on his face, showing off his perfect white teeth. Everyone loves Brian, if someone couldn’t get along with Brian… That person has a problem. 😛 
Happy Birthday, Brian! Pray that you will grow in wisdom and do all things in love. 

Book review: More than a hobby

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Hobby Lobby is one of the first few stores that my family introduce me to when I first landed in America and since then Hobby Lobby has become my favorite arts and craft store. 

In my opinion hobby lobby is the haven of Arts and Crafts, and all crafts lover will love Hobby Lobby. 

What do I like about the book:

  1. It helps me see a different perspective about using technology. Technology is to help us, not us serving technology. Hobby Lobby don’t feel the need to keep up with technology and slow down the operation. Choose what technology serve your operations the best. 
  2. Honor God, serve people. If I start my own business, this will be the principle I want to have. 

These 2 things really stood out to me. Highly recommended for those who wants to venture into retail. 

Love tank refill: packages from love ones

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  First up: letter from Amy! Nice to hear updates from friends back home in old school ways. I love handwritten letters, it has human touch to it 😀
  Second in the mail: Asam boi!!! Just a small little package to satisfy my craving. My husband call these “my drugs”. 😝
  Finally… My biggest surprise. This arrived in my mail on Saturday (July 11, 2015). Courtney quietly surprise me with this little (okay not so little) package. Time for some muffin projects 😁
My love tank is full now. Thank you, my girlfriends…