Book review: The Daniel Plan


One of my goal this year was to change my lifestyle. My husband and I wanted a healthy lifestyle, so this book was perfect for me. 

As the person who controls the kitchen, my family health lies in my hand (that, sounded like a big responsibility). “The Daneil Plan” was written by Rick Warren, the author of “Purpose Driven Life”. 

In this book, I learned about: 

  1. We are what we eat. It is very important to read the label on the food packaging. 
  2. How to read food label. We need to know what we put into our mouth. 
  3. It was pretty easy to eat healthy, and eating healthy doesn’t mean you stop socialize or cannot eat desert ever. 
  4. Daniel plan gives a very practical guideline and even list of food you could store in a pantry. 
  5. Lastly, was the recipe. I was a new cook then, don’t know much about cooking (I still don’t ūüėÖ), the Daniel plan book comes with some recipe that you could easily make at home, and the ingredient is inexpensive. 

Our lifestyle has gotten better since. My husband taste bud changes. Stuff that he didn’t think is “too sweet” it is now “too sweet” for him. Although I needed to cook more, but I think I like it. ūüėĄ

Poelman Kitchen: Attempted Satay


My husband once said, food is like the introduction of a culture. I think I agree with him on that. 

I am a Malaysian. Like most Malaysians, I am proud of our food. I like the diversity, and how our food translates that. 

This week I attempted to make satay at home. Satay is grilled chicken on skewers, but I do not have a grill or skewers, I made a pan seared version of the satay. 

The flavor just brings me home. Especially right now is hari raya season, my Malay friends will be having open house still… Satay is one of the food that they will serve to their guests. My craving for satay probably is because it’s hari raya! 

Next up, will need to prepare Kuah kacang (peanut sauce)… Kuah kacang and satay is like the peanut butter and jelly. 

Celebrate life: Brian 


Brain turned 29. He is one of my husband’s close friends, and he is one of the first few people I met in America.   This is Brian… The picture, kind of tells you who Brian is. He is ALWAYS high in energy, greeting you with a warm big bear hug and a big big smile on his face, showing off his perfect white teeth. Everyone loves Brian, if someone couldn’t get along with Brian… That person has a problem. 😛 
Happy Birthday, Brian! Pray that you will grow in wisdom and do all things in love. 

Book review: More than a hobby


Hobby Lobby is one of the first few stores that my family introduce me to when I first landed in America and since then Hobby Lobby has become my favorite arts and craft store. 

In my opinion hobby lobby is the haven of Arts and Crafts, and all crafts lover will love Hobby Lobby. 

What do I like about the book:

  1. It helps me see a different perspective about using technology. Technology is to help us, not us serving technology. Hobby Lobby don’t feel the need to keep up with technology and slow down the operation. Choose what technology serve your operations the best. 
  2. Honor God, serve people. If I start my own business, this will be the principle I want to have. 

These 2 things really stood out to me. Highly recommended for those who wants to venture into retail. 

Love tank refill: packages from love ones


  First up: letter from Amy! Nice to hear updates from friends back home in old school ways. I love handwritten letters, it has human touch to it 😀
  Second in the mail: Asam boi!!! Just a small little package to satisfy my craving. My husband call these “my drugs”. 😝
  Finally… My biggest surprise. This arrived in my mail on Saturday (July 11, 2015). Courtney quietly surprise me with this little (okay not so little) package. Time for some muffin projects 😁
My love tank is full now. Thank you, my girlfriends… 

So American: July 4th


My very first July 4th experience. It was one of few  (I think they only have 7 public holiday, I may be wrong) America’s public holiday. 

I missed the fireworks, but got to enjoy something better then fireworks – a musical. 

Pre-July 4th   
   My first musical in America: Godspell. A musical produce by our church here, Gateway. Coffee and tea was served right on the stage during intermission. The company that serve us awesome coffee is called COFFEE:EXPERIENCE (I think) 
July 4th  

 Barbaque of course! Lots of yummy meat serve on a American flag theme plate. Have to match the holiday… 😎 we had our bbq at Tim Storm’s house. 

  Pizza… allllll GONE!!! In Walmart. That my friend, it’s proof that July 4th is a big holiday and a party weekend in America. 

Celebrate life: Julie’s birthday


Greg and I are truly blessed to be apart of a life group (finally!). It feels more like home church when you have people you know and do life together other then your husband 😅 

When we first got to the life group, we were welcome by a sweet lady, Julie. She is our life group leader, and most of the time we meet at her house, and last Thursday (July 9) we celebrated her birthday. It was an honor to be there to celebrate her life 😄 

  It won’t be a party without balloon 😝
   Food and more food! 
  She… Reading her love letters out loud. 
 Showing off her new kicks. 😁😁😁 


   Happy birthday Julie, the blessed one. You are a great leader and we are blessed by you. Thank you for your care and love, and we thank The Lord always for you. 

A Dallas downtown kinda day


The day started early. Having to go to government department on that day, we needed to start the day super early before he head down to downtown Dallas. 

Where did we go? Places we went during a day in Dallas. 

 First stop:  Mokah cafe, Deep Ellum. It has good review in Yelp. True enough, the drinks was pretty good, and my husband and I like the quiet ambient of the cafe. 

 Second stop: The Elephant Press. This was the surprise that my husband arranged for me. I love that I could finally smell the smell of ink and be in a letterpress printing studio. It was very different from what I used to, but it brought back a lot of fond memories. 

 Third stop: Perot museum. This museum is really well done. Good place to visit for dating couple and for families :) My favorite is the engineering floor and gem stones. Gem stones was very beautiful and most of the gem stones was on loan from a woman. I was very impress and enjoyed every moment that I was there. 


 Fourth stop: Dinner! It was a authentic Mexican food. The service that we receive was top notch. One of the best that I have ever received since I moved here. This restaurant also have good review on Yelp. 

 Final stop: The Garden (I can’t remember what’s the name of the garden). The garden is supposedly above a highway. The garden comes to life when evening comes. Family around at the garden, kids running around, singles working out and dogs owner walking their dogs. Here we are, my husband and I trying to walk off our food after an awesome meal. 

   Bonus take home: Misprint paper from Elephant press. That will satisfy my paper making for a while. :) 
It was a good day. More adventures to come… 

2nd anniversary 


We turned 2! And it wasn’t the terrible two and it will not be a terrible two…  

It was a wonderful 2 years. I learnt about the importance of praying for your husband daily. In my opinion, keeping your husband should be our priority as wife. (I am still learning to keep my husband in prayer daily) 

On this day, I remembered the vow that we exchanged on our wedding day. I have made a commitment on that day, and made a vow to stay with my husband no matter what. In this two years we have argue less. 

As we grew in love for each other, our patients for each other grew as well. I experience 1 Corinthians 13… “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” (‚Ä≠1 Corinthians‚Ĩ ‚Ä≠13‚Ĩ:‚Ä≠4-7‚Ĩ NIV)

I love you, Greg. I look forward to spend many more anniversary with you… You are my best.