Another climb at the climbing gym

It’s Thursday, my climbing day. After not doing any climb for 10months, I must admit that my stamina, physical strength and mental strength has gone down the drain.

I resolved to pick myself up again and train as much as possible so I am able to get back in shape.

Some of the important things as a climber are:
1. Mental strength is equally as important as your physical strength. When you think you are able, you may be able to push your body to the next level.
2. Climbing partner. Climbing alone vs climbing alone has different vibe. When I am climbing alone I do hv the energy to push myself further. When I have a good climbing partner, we encourage each other and help each other to achieve the goal that we have set for the day.
3. Be discipline is doing the routine. Climbing the same route again and again able to build our confident, and always be discipline enough to work out in order to strengthen our physical strength.


Eric’s first challenge on the overhang lead wall… He rested twice, but he did it. Knowing him, he has strong will, it’s no surprise to me that he can do it. With the set of skills that he has and his mental strength, he made it to the top.

Run, Ching… Run


I can proudly say that, I started running. For the past few years, I kept telling myself that I have to run. I have to start running if I wanna have a better stamina and improve in my swimming.

I finally did it. I am sure it will benefits to both swimming and climbing.

Thanks to a kind hearted friend that agrees to keep me accountable and runs with me. On top of that, be my trainer.

Never get into proper running program neither do I study about it. For the first time, I learned about proper running posture as well as finding the interest in digging more about running, and I found this website. It’s pretty interesting. Getting into proper running posture, and workout can actually avoid injuries.

I am in a dire need of getting back in shape.