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Recognizing your calling for the season

To everything there is a season… Ecclesiastes 3:1

I recently launched my Etsy store. It was something I wanted to do since last year. I like to knit and crochet and I thought it will be nice that I could sell some to fund my hobby. I was a very nervous.

“Will people buy the things I make?”
“What if they don’t like what they get from me?”
“Can I handle negative comments?”
“What if nobody like the things I make?”

These are some of the thoughts that run through my mind. Being a seller means I am also being vulnerable, my biggest fear was if I would be able to sell something. (Although to date I only listed one product.)

My business occupied my mind for the whole week. I keep checking if anybody visit my shop and also checking on my instagram account, I was consumed by it. Then I was reminded about my calling for the season. I was called to raise my boys right now. Raising them are my priority and my business comes next.

Recognizing the calling of the season is important so that I don’t find my value in the success of my business. I am not just a homemaker, I have a higher calling, which is to raise the next generation of men that would be Christ disciples.


love life. love people.

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