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Hello Parenting

ETA – June 2016. Announce for the baby has been made to friends and family. He was only 12 weeks old, size of a pistachio. Greg and I was excited. We tried to prepare for Archer and prepare to be parents to our best knowledge.

Time passes, my tummy getting bigger and finally on June 6, 2016, around 5 pm, while preparing for dinner I felt some kind of pain and later my mum in law told me it’s contraction. I nod, and I keep on cooking and done by 6pm. We sat down for dinner and after the dinner, contraction becoming more frequent. Our brilliant mum asked Greg to time my contraction. We time it. every contraction last longer and longer. We called my doctor office, and we grab our bag and head to the hospital. After 22 hours, I finally get to hold Archer at 1:57pm, June 7, 2016.

Our world changes ever since. I will never know what a joy and fulfillment a child could bring until I have one myself. I constantly thank our Lord for giving us this precious gift.

Psalms 127:3
Children are a gift from the Lord;
They are a reward from him.

love life. love people.

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